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FREE Seminar for Organizations

The FREE Speak with Excellence Seminar

Help your organization communicate more correctly and effectively.

The Speak with Excellence seminar helps professionals identify and correct common English speaking mistakes.

"Thank you for visiting Hindustan University and interacting with our first year engineering students. The students have given a good feedback regarding the seminar. Congratulations to your team."
Dr. Sherine Joy, Professor, Dept. of Languages, Hindustan University, Chennai

"The seminar was very effective and it brought out common mistakes that people make when speaking in English. It was all done in a very non-intimidating way. I enjoyed the session."
M. Balraj, Manager-Teams, Gislen Software Pvt. Ltd., MEPZ, Chennai

For a limited time, the Spoken English Café will present this one-hour seminar at your organization for free, without obligation. Minimum group size: 20.

When and Where: At your organization (Chennai area only)

Cost: FREE!

Learn more: To learn more about this opportunity, please contact us.

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