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Friendly Learning Atmosphere

Learning to speak confidently in English should not be an intimidating process in which you fear any embarrassment from making mistakes. Mistakes are okay and can naturally be eliminated over time. At the Spoken English Café, we welcome mistakes. In fact, it is through making mistakes, learning to identify them, and not worrying about them, that you will gain confidence quickly.

No matter what your background or current English-speaking ability, you will always be treated with equality and respect in our classroom. You will excel with the personal attention you receive at the Spoken English Café.

Encouraging Faculty
At the Spoken English Café, you and your instructor are on the same team, working together in a coordinated effort to help you achieve confident speaking. Our instructors are approachable and will encourage you as you work to achieve confidence. Your success is their goal!
Small, Interactive Classes

You can expect interaction at the Spoken English Café. Our experienced faculty will engage you in each lesson, and will interact with you to build your confidence. Through this interaction, they will help you take the knowledge stored in your mind and learn to use it while speaking.

Our class sizes are also limited to ensure highly interactive classes. In a matter of days, you will know your instructor and everyone else in the classroom, and feel comfortable interacting with them.

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