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English Confidence Builder
English Confidence Builder
This intensive course is designed for anyone desiring to develop more accuracy and self-confidence when communicating using English. English Confidence Builder will help you speak English more naturally and confidently.
Ideal For: Course Duration:

Anyone with some basic knowledge of English who is seeking more confidence and accuracy speaking English.

Note: To enroll in a Café course, you must have completed at least the 10th standard.


8 weeks / 46 - 48 hours total
- each session, two hours;
- e-learning

By the end of the course, motivated students will:
    Course Materials
  • Use foundational grammar correctly:
    Know the rules to speak correctly.
  • Speak English with greater confidence:
    Learn to use the English knowledge stored in your mind.
  • Understand more English:
    Improve your comprehension through regular exposure to local and mother-tongue voices.
  • Speak with broader vocabulary:
    Expand the words you know and can use.
  • Accent neutralization and proper intonation:
    Sound more natural and be more easily understood.
  • Deliver effective presentations:
    Learn how to write and deliver effective presentations with weekly practice.

Sessions are 2 hours each, three sessions a week.

We expect English Confidence Builder students to be prepared to work hard, as homework is assigned daily. Beyond the classroom, students should plan to study at least 30 minutes a day.

Batches are limited to 15 students.

To Register:

To find out more or to register for an upcoming batch, please contact the Café.

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