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Student Feedback

Student Feedback

Here is some of what recent students have said about their experience at the Spoken English Café:

The Gajendran K.Spoken English Café was one of the best investments of my life. I really enjoyed my course and thank the Spoken English Café team.
Gajendran K., Sales Support Executive

It was a good opportunity and experience to enroll in the course. The programme has been designed with a modern way of teaching.
V. R. Reddy, Manager of Administration

SruthiThe English Confidence Builder course helped me to develop my communication. I felt the difference after I completed the course. Spoken English Café is totally different from other institutes in atmosphere and the way it treats students.
Manju, BPO Employee

I like Sruthithe way the Spoken English Café trains students. The English Confidence Builder course helped me to improve my confidence and to develop my English knowledge. It was a nice experience, and it will help me in my future.
Sruthi, BBA Student

Classes are taken with a good plan and with great involvement. Individual attention and participation is given to each of the students… I’ve had a healthy atmosphere to develop my communication skills.
Thiruveni, AdvocateN. Surendhar

The Spoken English Café was a great experience. Now I can speak confidently in English and even can help people who make mistakes while speaking. It has changed me a lot!
N. Surendhar, MCA College Student

Now I am speaking boldly in English. I don’t have fear any more... The Spoken English Café is the best place to improve speaking English.
Sheeba, College StudentJasmine Getzi

By the English Confidence Builder course at the Spoken English Café, I got confident speaking in English. I really enjoyed the entire course. It was not like a classroom.
Jasmine Getzi, Teacher

I am happy to learn here. In my life, the Spoken English Café is the turning point.
A. Saravanan, HR AdministratorPooja Puspanjali

After taking a few courses, I have become much more confident. I have also learned many useful things which I never knew before. Above all, the Spoken English Café makes English fun to learn.
Pooja Puspanjali, HR-Trainer

The Spoken English Café is the one place where everyone learns English easily.
Shakthi, BA College StudentJunet Babu

The classes at the Spoken English Café were not like a classroom. With the help of games, discussions, presentations, and the coaching of the tutors, I am now confident to handle any situation in English.
Junet Babu, Engineering Student

I improved my communication skills... The main thing is that there is no Tamil when we enter the classroom.
Saravana, RecruiterK Thalavai Raj

The Spoken English Café helped me a lot, especially using the correct tense in the correct way. Before joining the Café, I couldn't speak with the correct tense. While comparing with other training centres, the Spoken English Café takes less time to learn.
K Thalavai Raj, Ex-Army

After attending the Spoken English Café, I improved a lot.  I am able to communicate with others fluently and with confidence.
Nirmal, TutorSaivadurai

I really loved the Spoken English Café. Other institutes don't care about the students. But after I completed the course, they still help me clear doubts and give tips. All the students at the Spoken English Café became a family.
Saivadurai, Engineer

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