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What to Expect as a Student at the Café
When you understand what we expect of you, and what you can expect of us, your time at the Spoken English Café will be more productive and enjoyable.
Here's what you can expect from our faculty and staff:
We will be professional, friendly, and will treat you with respect.
We will be available before and after class to help answer any questions you have.
We will maintain high expectations of you and will seek to motivate you to reach the course goals.
We will be open to feedback about teaching, a particular lesson or the course itself.
...and this is what we expect from our students:
Speak only in English while you are in the classroom.
Be on time for class. Being punctual is an important soft skill!
Participate in class and be willing to make mistakes.
Always ask when having a question.
Work hard and complete all assignments on time.
Be focused. (We'll ask you to switch off your mobile phone--or put it on 'silent'--while in class.)
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