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Confident Conversations
Confident Conversations
This course is ideal for higher-level students who want to learn to express themselves clearly and effectively. Through group discussions, debates, and other interactions, students will develop skills to converse with confidence.
Ideal For: Course Duration:

Anyone who already has a good knowledge of English grammar and is seeking opportunities to practice speaking English in a safe, controlled environment.

Note: To enroll in a Café course, you must have completed at least the 10th standard.


6 weeks / 24 hours total
- 2-hour sessions

This Six-Week Course Includes:
  • Group Discussions
    Learn to express yourself regarding everyday topics with confidence.
  • Role Plays
    Work together to solve problems often encounter in an office setting.
  • Debates
    Learn to express your opinions and polite ways to agree/disagree with others.
  • Common Conversations
    Develop more natural ways to interact with your colleagues and friends.
  • and more...

Batches meet for two hours a session.

Students should join a batch that will maximize their learning. A placement test/interview will be given to each student at the time of enrollment.

Batches are limited to 15 students.

To Register:

To find out more or to register for an upcoming batch, please contact the Café.

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