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IELTS Essentials
Open the door to the world with IELTS Essentials! The IELTS exam is the steppingstone to achieving your dream of studying, working, or migrating to developed countries overseas. IELTS Essentials will help you raise your scores to the level required by professional organizations.

This course is led by a Certified IELTS Trainer (certified by the British Council).

Ideal For: Course Duration:

Anyone who is planning to study or work overseas; professionals who wish to migrate to UK/Australia/New Zealand etc.


5 weeks / 75 hours total
- 3-hour sessions
- 5 sessions per week (25 sessions total)

This Five-Week Course Includes:
  • Practice (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening)
    Customized practice according to individual needs, in all four modules.
  • Strategies for Success
    Learn techniques to improve your score
  • Mock Speaking Tests
    Your speaking tests are recorded and used to give you feedback.
  • Assessments
    Sharpen your IELTS readiness with regular assessments.
  • and more...
Enrollment Criteria:

IELTS Essentials candidates should score a minimum of 15 in the IELTS listening and reading modules, and an average score in the speaking and writing modules.

Note: A candidate who scores below these target scores should first enroll in the English Confidence Builder course.


Batches meet for three hours per session.

To succeed in the IELTS Essentials course, students should plan to attend regularly, complete home assignments, practice regularly, and be mentally prepared.

Batches are limited to 15 students.

To Register:

To find out more or to register for an upcoming batch, please contact the Café.

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