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Interview with Confidence Workshop

Interview with Confidence Workshop
The Spoken English Café has trained professionals at some of the largest companies in Chennai. Now, its trainers are ready to prepare you to shine at your next interview.

The Interview with Confidence Workshop was created by industry experts with direct input from HR managers at some of the leading MNCs in India.

Don’t delay your career. Learn how to present yourself to employers with confidence and professionalism!

Ideal For: Course Duration:

Anyone who is preparing to write a resume or go for an interview.


3 weeks / 12 hours total

During this 2-day, small-group workshop, you will:
  • Develop new confidence about how to present yourself to an employer.
    Make a positive impression!
  • Practice introducing yourself in an engaging way.
    Move past the usual boring introductions most people give.
  • Learn how to write an outstanding resume, highlighting your strengths and accomplishments.
    Learn how to write a resume that stands out from the rest.
  • Take part in realistic group discussions with other candidates.
    Practice expressing yourself with confidence.
  • Participate in mock interview sessions and receive valuable feedback.
    Overcome fear by mock interviewing with seasoned professionals.

This workshop is conducted over three weeks. Each session is two hours in length.

Batches are limited to 15 students.

To Register:

To find out more or to register for an upcoming workshop, please contact the Café.

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